Medical Office Assistants

med assistant

A medical office assistant can include a number of responsibilities. Generally, if the position is not referred to as a medical assistant, the office portion is emphasized. This means that while a medical office assistant should have at least a rudimentary background in human and health sciences, the emphasis is on more clerical activities. In no way does this minimize the importance of the medical office assistant in the health care providers' hierarchy.

A good medical office assistant will be well versed and knowledgeable on many subjects including medical transcription, billing, insurance claims, waivers, and paperwork. Additionally he or she will be well suited to be familiar with Medicare and Medicaid billing practices if they are relevant to the office of employment. Medical office assistants should also be good verbal and written communicators, as they are the conduit between many of the patients and health care providers and are often on the 'front line' as the person of first contact.